Business Studies


Business and enterprise skills are as adaptable as they are diverse, and students in this department have access to a fantastic range of opportunities, with general business courses working alongside specialist options in management, law, human resources, accounting and marketing. Each of these specialisms can be applied to all sorts of industry sectors including engineering, retail, finance, law and the public sector.

Name Study Level Category Duration
Apprenticeship in Team Leading Level 3 Apprenticeships Business 12-18 Months
Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeships Business
Infrastructure Technician Level 3 Apprenticeships Business 12-15 Months
Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner Standard Apprenticeships Business 12 Months & 1 Week
Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard Apprenticeships Business 18 months
Level 4 Associate Project Manager Standard Apprenticeships Business 24 Months
Level 5 Operations Manager Standard Apprenticeships Business 24 Months