Accounting; AAT; taxation


Accountants help organisations deal with their finances. They may work for several clients or a single employer and can work in both the private sector (industry and commerce) and the public sector (e.g. local or national government). After gaining professional qualifications, many accountants move into senior management positions in large firms. The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in many of the UK’s leading companies are qualified accountants and all Finance Directors (the step down from the CEO in the corporate hierarchy) are accountants. So, if this sort of career appeals to you, or if you just like numbers and recognise their ability to add value in your current job or to help open a path to a new career, then one of our accounting courses could be right up your street.

Name Study Level Category Duration
Accounting – AAT Level 2 & 3 School leavers (16-18) Accounting
Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Apprenticeships Accounting 15 Months