Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements are agreed before any examination or controlled assessment. They allow candidates / learners with special education needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to:

  • Access the assessment
  • Show what they know and can do without changing the demands of the assessment

If you have had exam access arrangements in the past (e.g. extra time, reader, scribe, separate room, use of word processor, bilingual dictionary) and are due to take exams in college this year then please contact the SEND team on 01772 225328 or come to see us in ‘The Point’. Alternatively you can email us on transition@preston.ac.uk or text 07795 527 444.

If you have not previously had exam access arrangements but think that, due to a learning difficulty or disability which has a substantial, and long term adverse effect, you may require them in college, please contact the SEND Team.

We will assess your requirements on an individual basis and make the necessary application to the awarding body. In all cases, we will require you to provide evidence that the arrangements requested are your ‘Normal Way of Working’ within college. In some cases (e.g. where there is a request for a separate room and separate invigilation) we will require you to obtain supplementary evidence from a medical or other appropriate professional on official letter headed paper.

In many cases examinations are now delivered on-line. However, in some cases awarding bodies still produce paper examinations. Although nowadays many students would prefer to type rather than write, may work faster on a keyboard and use this as their normal way of producing text at home and in college, the use of a word processor cannot simply be granted because of these reasons. In addition to the word processor needing to reflect the candidate’s normal way of working, it also must be appropriate to their individual needs. Some examples of where a word processor may be appropriate, following assessment, include:

  • a learning difficulty which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on writing
  • a physical disability which affects writing ability
  • a sensory impairment which affects writing ability

The application process for exam access arrangements needs to take place early in the academic year. Some students will be required to undertake Controlled Assessments as part of their course and these may be during the first term. The awarding bodies require applications and evidence well before your exam dates therefore, if you do not disclose your needs at enrolment, we may not be able to make the necessary adjustments. The awarding bodies consider our requests on an individual basis and make the final decision.

Please note that where exam access arrangements are applied for and put in place but not taken up by the student or the student does not attend exams as scheduled, the arrangements may not be put in place for future exams.