maths; GCSE maths


You may not realise it, but maths is an essential skills for work and in everyday life. In fact, employers believe that poor maths skills in the workforce have a negative impact on business. So, as part of our mission to make you THE most employable you will develop your maths skills as part of your study programme.

Unless you have achieved a Grade C or above in GCSE, you will continue to study maths as part of your study programme on any course that you choose. Your tutors will support you throughout and teach you how to apply what you learn into the workplace. For example, hairdressing and construction students will use ratios to mix colours or cement and use angles to style hair or build houses and roofs.

If you are thinking about choosing A-Level Maths, this may help you towards maximizing your skills and knowledge in another full-time programme, for example Civil Engineering.

The top five maths skills at work are:

  1. Plan time effectively
  2. Write down number sequences accurately
  3. Make calculations and understand the importance of accuracy
  4. Use estimating skills for supplies
  5. Make money calculations for sales and profits
Name Study Level Category Duration
A-Level Maths Adults Maths 2 years
Functional Skills Maths Adults Maths 12 weeks
GCSE Maths Adults Maths 1 year