ICT & Digital Technology is big business across the globe and the impact of the digital economy is not fully understood yet. It’s an area that sees constant change and innovation covering data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, self driving cars and virtual reality. However, digital technology is not just confined to those in the digital industry, like business, technology and its uses touch all industries through technology adoption and software packages.

Employers require varying skills, ranging from sales and customer-focused careers, to highly technical digital and creative roles. These can include product development and managing IT systems, software developers, game designers and product managers.

At Preston College we understand the impact that digital technology can make that’s why we are investing in our e-learning facilities and gaining recognition as a finalist in the Association of Colleges Beacon Award for the Effective Use of Technology in Further Education.

Whether you’re choosing to study ICT and Digital Technology to progress in your career, to open up opportunities of moving into this area, or just for your own self-improvement, take a look at our selection of courses to see which one is right for you

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