Training to Upskill People in Employment

Are you employed or self-employed, live in Preston City and looking to enhance your leadership and management skills?

Maybe you are a Preston based SME looking to upskill your employees who live in Preston City?

As part of UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) and the levelling up agenda, Preston College is proud to announce we have been successful in a bid, to enable Preston City residents to access funded training opportunities and qualifications that will enhance skills development and career progression.

This funding, provided by Preston City Council, is designed to support individuals living in Preston to succeed in education and work, and to support small businesses to meet the skills needs of Preston’s evolving economy.

Offering a range of fully funded qualifications and webinars in the following areas; team leading, leadership & management, managing change, project management, performance management and customer service.


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ILM Award in Leadership & Team Skills – Level 2

Course dates: September 2024

Designed to help you boost your performance as a team player, you will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to help you make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. On this course you will learn core leadership and team skills, gain awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses, identify sources of stress in the workplace, its impact and sources of support, explore leadership styles and approaches and learn how to improve your team’s performance.

This course is ideal if you are already working as a team leader and you are looking to be more effective and confident in your role, or if you are aspiring to become a team leader in the future.  

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ILM Award in Leadership & Management – Level 3

Course date: Thursday 6 June 2024

Course date: Thursday 20 June 2024

Ideal if you are currently in a role with management responsibilities but have no formal training, and you are looking to enhance your existing skills, abilities and knowledge. On this course you will gain a range of management skills, learn how to put them into practice, build leadership capabilities and how to motivate and engage teams.

This course is particularly suited to practising team leaders seeking to move up to the next managerial level, as well as managers looking to lead people through organisational change, budget cuts or other management pressures.

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ILM Award in Leadership & Management – Level 5

Course dates: September 2024

On this Level 5 Award qualification in Leadership and Management, you will develop a range of leadership and senior management skills to enable you to make a significant impact on your organisation’s performance. Key areas covered on this course include managing and implementing change in the workplace, developing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives, as well as exploring techniques for assessing your own leadership capability and performance.

This course is designed for project managers, department heads, and other practising middle managers looking to develop skills and experience, improve on leadership and management performance, and prepare for senior management responsibilities.

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Customer Service Award – Level 1

Course dates: Wednesday 12 June & Wednesday 19 June 2024 (with exam on Wednesday afternoon)

Times: 9.15am – 12.25pm (plus exam)

Course dates: Wednesday 26 June & Wednesday 3 July 2024 (with exam on Wed 10 July at 6pm)

Times: 6.00pm – 9.00pm (plus exam)

Customer service skills are often in high demand and can help you find work in almost any industry or job role, from a call centre to a hair salon to a bank. On this two day, Level 1 qualification, you will gain an introduction to the knowledge and skills essential for delivering exceptional customer service in a variety of industries. You will learn effective customer communication techniques, essential skills for handling customer enquiries, complaints and feedback, and explore the importance of teamwork and collaboration in delivering a positive customer experience.

This course is ideal if you are new to the field of customer service and you are looking to learn how to provide effective and reliable customer service or if you are seeking to enhance existing skills to advance in your current role.

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Customer Service Award – Level 2

Course dates: September 2024

Time: TBC

This Level 2 Award is designed to build upon the introduction acquired in Level 1, and further develop the skills essential to excel in customer service. You will gain a solid understanding of customer service policies and procedures, develop advanced communication skills to effectively deal with different types of customers, and enhance your problem-solving abilities to address complex customer enquiries and issues.

This course is ideal if you are looking to develop your customer service skills and enhance your career progression, with a range of customer service roles available including call centre agent, retail assistant, hospitality staff, administrative assistant and technical support specialist.

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Eligibility Criteria

Age: 19 years and above

Residency Eligibility

  • Preston residents working for an SME in Preston
  • Preston residents working for a national/international company in Preston
  • Preston residents working for any company outside Preston

Please note: Preston residents, Preston SMEs, Preston Employers means within the Preston City Council boundaries.

For more information about this project and your eligibility for funding options please call 01772 22 55 22 or email  

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