Counsellors play a crucial role in improving the health and wellbeing of our society. The Government is investing more than £200m in mental health services and has promised to increase the number of counsellors working in schools and colleges.

Working in confidential settings, counsellors work with people across a range of issues which often can be very challenging and complex. Ensuring practitioners have the self-reflection and resilience to support people working through these issues is a key element of the course.

Counselling can be delivered in a range of settings including schools, universities and colleges, GP surgeries and hospitals, in the workplace, addiction agencies, disability support groups or private practice. Sometimes counsellors will have dual roles, such as a nurse, teacher or advice worker. As a result of these dual roles, counselling can often be a second or third career.

At Preston’s College our Foundation Degree and BSc (Hons) courses are awarded by the University of Derby and focuses on the person centred model of counselling theory and practice.