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Our management courses are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), a nationally recognised body, who, last year, helped over 70,000 people to enhance both their performance and career opportunities with an ILM qualification.

Whether you already work in a management role, or are looking to begin your management career, ILM qualifications aim to develop a flexible approach to varied management tasks, developing the critical leadership, decision-making, team working, creative and strategic planning skills needed to both succeed and make a real difference to the workplace, whether working locally, nationally or internationally.

Proudly working with Leading Lancashire, a dedicated project aiming to develop Lancashire’s workforce through training, coaching and support. Since September 2020 this has allowed us to offer free management training to current and prospective managers within Lancashire based SME organisations in the form of ILM accredited Level 3 and Level 5 Awards. These sessions are only free to those who are self-employed, employed by or own qualifying SME organisations in the Lancashire region and additional information can be provided by one of our advisers, so just give us a call!