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Guide to Remote Learning

All learners will undertake live remote delivery through Microsoft Teams.

The following information will help guide you and your child/ward on how to access sessions.

College Email Address and Password

When logging in outside of College, you will need to login using your college email address.

Your college email address is as follows:

First initial of your first name + your surname + your ID number +

For example:

You will then log in using your College network password that you have chosen.

If you are logging in for the first time, you can find your College default password by logging into your account at with your personal email address. Login details are displayed on the homepage.

When you first use your College login, you will be asked to change your password – please make sure you use a password which you are going to remember.

If you are unable to login, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 01772 225115 or email

How to Access Remote Learning Platforms

You can access remote learning platforms through a Windows PC, Laptop or Mac/Macbook. Below is a guide on how to access the platform on a computer.

You can also access these platforms through your games console, should you not have access to a computer. If you have an Xbox (Xbox One or newer) or a Playstation (PS4 or PS5), then please click here to read instructions on how to access the platforms through your console.

1. Click ‘Students’ at the top of the college website

You now have access to your Student Portal. From here you can use:

  • The Extranet (ProPortal, timetable, exam results and more)
  • Access your email (including your calendar, tasks and reminders)
  • Canvas (virtual learning environment providing access to course related material)
  • MyPC (view the availability of Learning Zone computers and make bookings to reserve access)
  • SkillsForward (maths and English online assessments)
  • Plus many more, so take a look around to become comfortable with your navigation.

2. For remote learning tools and apps, click ‘Login’ on OFFICE 365

From here you can access your Office 365 apps (Teams, email, Word, OneDrive and more…)

3. To attend lessons, once you’ve logged in to Office 365, select Teams

This is your hub for remote delivery, brining together everything in one place. You can work as a team, hold conversations and attend remote lessons through video conferencing.

4. Once you’ve accessed Microsoft Teams, you will be allocated to a team – you tutor will let you know what your team is called. LS Mon P2 is an example below.

5. You have a ‘General’ channel. This is where you will receive weekly instructions and information from your tutor. Everyone in your group can see this channel as it is not private.

Your private channel to your tutor can be accessed by clicking your name, underneath the General tab.

Your tutor will ring all learners at the start of the session, if you miss the call for any reason or you struggle to get on, send a message to your tutor via the chat facility

Delivery Expectations

  • Attendance for your remote delivery sessions are mandatory and will show on your timetable
  • You will need to be in Teams, you need to be punctual and ready to accept the video call, with your video camera on, to begin the session on time very week
  • Please wear headphones if you can during the live remote session, to eliminate any distractions
  • Please be in a quiet area with all of your resources available, a pen and paper as a minimum
  • Please be respectful to all participants in your group sessions

Digital Induction Training

Further training videos are available at, there is also a Digital Disclaimer for you to complete.

You are required to watch the training videos, Teams, Canvas, Office 365, Virtual Tour, eSafety, General Information and complete an end test. You can also access to gain a Microsoft Badge, which will be highly regarded by potential employers.

If you have any concerns or difficulties accessing your remote sessions, please speak to your tutor or your Student Manager who will do everything they can to help you.

As a parent/carer, you can access live information regarding your son/daughter/ward’s performance at College by using ProPortal.

This service contains useful information including current attendance levels, enrolments, targets and comments made by staff.