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Local Labour Market Information (LMI)

The need for LMI:

  • Knowledge and understanding of how the labour market functions is at the centre of career practice
  • Crucial for making sense of changing economic circumstances

The importance of LMI in Practice

  • Careers education, information, advice and guidance need to reflect the changing labour market
  • Helps people navigate an increasingly complex labour market and make sense of the maze of opportunities
  • Contributes to an informed careers decision

The Lancashire Skills & Employment Hub have developed and created a range of evidence based reports and resources. The links to these can be found here:

You can also access local LMI and career information on our exclusive platform, Career Coach. Click the image below to access:


Labour Market Information by Travel to Work Area:

Travel to Work AreaLMIFactsheets
Blackpool, Fylde & WyreLancashire Skills Hub ReportLancashire Skills Hub Report
Preston, Chorley & South RibbleLancashire Skills Hub ReportLancashire Skills Hub Report
Lancaster & MorecambeLancashire Skills Hub ReportLancashire Skills Hub Report

Priority Sector Studies & Factsheets

The following sectors have been identified in Lancashire due their high replacement demand and significant growth potential:

AreaSector StudiesLMI Fact Sheets
Advanced ManufacturingLancashire LEPLancashire Skills Hub
Creative & DigitalLancashire Skills HubLancashire Skills Hub
Energy & Environmental TechnologiesLancashire Skills HubLancashire Skills Hub
Health & Social CareLancashire LEPLancashire Skills Hub
Finance & Professional ServicesLancashire LEPLancashire Skills Hub
Visitor EconomyLancashire LEPLancashire Skills Hub
ConstructionLancashire Skills HubLancashire Skills Hub

Priority Sector Studies & Factsheets