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Employer Incentives: Hiring a New Apprentice

  • Hire a new apprentice between April 1st 2021 – January 31st 2022 inclusive and receive up to a £3,000 per new apprentice:

– £4,000* for hiring a 16-18 year old apprentice (19+ with EHCP)

– £3,000 for hiring a 19+ year old apprentice

* includes the current £1,000 incentive for hiring a 16-18 year old

To be eligible, apprentices must:

  • Be a new employee to the business 
  • Have a contract of employment start date between 1 April 2021 and 31 January 2022
  • Not have been employed by the employer within the six months prior to the contract start date. 


  • Receive £1000 for each returning furloughed apprentice
  • Choose from our talent bank of applicants ready and waiting
  • Be assigned a dedicated Apprenticeship Training Support Officer

To find out more:

📞 Daniel Crumblehulme t: 01772 225743 / m: 07971511537


NB: If you are an SME and would like to benefit from the above incentives you will be required to set up a Government Apprenticeship Account where your incentive payments will be available. Our team can talk you through this and when to set this up.

To set up an account please click here

To watch a simple step by step guide on how to set up an account please click here

Levy paying employers will already have a designated Digital Apprenticeship Account. Please contact your designated Employer Engagement and Apprenticeship Specialist for further information or queries.

For further  information regarding apprenticeship funding:

Link to gov website on how to register and use the service.

Here’s a video on how to reserve funding and set up an apprentice:

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact our Employer Engagement Manager Daniel on t: 01772 225743 m: 07971511537 e:

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