Everyone remembers an inspirational teacher that changed their life. Teaching is a rewarding career and covers all ages of life. As a teacher you can also work in the private sector with in-house training, private tuition and consultation opportunities available.

The UK needs more teachers, and many people are turning to teaching as a second career, finding their skills from a previous role brings added value to their learners.

Teachers need excellent communication, organisation and interpersonal skills. To start your career as a teacher you don’t necessarily need a teaching qualification as you can gain the qualification as a trainee teacher. You will need a qualification in the area you wish to teach at a suitable level. For example, to teach at Level 3 you’ll need a qualification at Level 4 or higher.

At Preston’s College we offer the two qualifications, in partnership with the University of Derby. You will be taught through practical workshops, specialist speakers and classroom activities that go hand-in-hand with teaching practice.