European Social Fund

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support is a programme of personal and social development that is focused on helping you gain qualifications, raise aspirations and achieve your full potential.

You will be allocated a Student Manager or Tutor to provide support and help monitor your progress, performance and personal development, liaising with parents, carers, curriculum staff and support services as appropriate.


Enrichment activities are designed to develop your entrepreneurial talent and employability skills, improve physical health and mental wellbeing and provide opportunities for you to participate in charitable activities and volunteer work. Examples include visits to trade fairs, school and community events, competitions, national and international trips and skills training.

In addition, the College also holds a number of thematic weeks, Respect, Safeguarding and Health & Wellbeing and Enterprise.


Pro-Portal is an online integrated student monitoring and support system. Learners, parents and carers are able to access up-to-date information on performance, attendance and punctuality, as well as access copies of Progress Reviews which are issued three times a year.