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Mission, Strategic Objectives, Values & Behaviours

Our Mission and Strategic Objectives

At Preston College we have a clear mission which is to help create the most employable learners now and in the future.

In practice, we aim to provide the culture, environment, facilities, innovation and services to enable learners at all career stages, local businesses and the College itself to develop and maintain social mobility and a thriving local economy.

To help us achieve our mission and purpose we have identified a set of strategic objectives.

Our Mission

Making our learners the most employable, now and in the future.

Strategic Objectives

  • Place high quality teaching, learning and support at the core of our activities resulting in high levels of achievement and positive outcomes for learners, prioritising accelerated learning opportunities to address learning gaps
  • Provide high quality technical and vocational curriculum, aligned to regional and local business and community needs
  • Recognise and value our diverse college community, and provide aspirational progression pathways for all
  • Maintain a flexible and stable business model which drives high quality delivery and optimises external funding opportunities 
  • Develop a culture in which all staff deliver outstanding performance that contributes effectively to the learner experience
  • Nurture effective and impactful partnerships that benefit learners, staff, the City of Preston and the wider region


  • Achieve outstanding learner experience and success
  • Maintain a stable financial position
  • Deliver an inclusive and innovative skills based curriculum and support which provides aspirational pathways to careers and sustainable employment
  • Develop an effectively utilised, fit for purpose campus, which facilitates innovative learning and provides access to high quality resources

Our Values and Behaviours

Committed to Learning


  • We are dedicated to our teaching, learning and support, responding to customer needs
  • We continually pursue excellence in everything we do
  • We are open to change, new ideas and we share information and knowledge

Respect and Consideration


  • We treat each other, our college and our community with respect and consideration
  • We value the achievements of every person in the college
  • We work together as one college, whilst recognising individual contribution

Customer Focused


  • We are all representatives of the college and will act in a way that best represents our values and behaviours.
  • We demonstrate consistently strong performance
  • We seek what is best for the college and the people it serves.

Integrity and Honesty


  • We challenge anything that is inconsistent with our values
  • We are accountable for our actions
  • We act honestly, ethically and legally in all that we do

Make it Enjoyable


  • We encourage a positive and supportive environment
  • We make time to help others
  • We care about the success of the college