The second largest employing sector in the Lancashire region, Health and Social Care offers you a rewarding career path through a number of differing opportunities. Working within this dynamic sector offers you the prospect to work with others, make a difference and support vulnerable members of our communities who are at various stages within their lives, where bringing passion and positivity can make a world of difference.

The health and social care workforce has a wide and varied range of job roles from administrative assistants, cleaning operatives, support workers to occupational therapists. These careers offer you a rewarding insight into working with individuals to make a positive difference within their lives, as well as the wider community.

Here at Preston College, we pride ourselves on working alongside industry experts to develop the curriculum to align with local need, and offer courses that are relevant and inclusive. From a Level 1 Certificate in Health and Social care, which provides an introduction into the sector, to a Level 2 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care, a course that builds up prior knowledge and understanding to gain a qualification to help you make the first steps into the workforce. With further progression available with the Level 3 Certificate in Health and Social Care (inclusive of UCAS points), to make your next steps onto Higher Education, if you want to continue your learning or enhance future career progression.

Throughout each of the pathways, you’ll be supported by our team of highly experienced industry course tutors, who will provide you with the information, advice and guidance to help you choose your next steps.

We also offer a range of bespoke short, professional programmes* if you are looking for further Continuous Personal Development (CPD) opportunities, which can be an ideal starting point, to adding additional skills to your current skill set, that have been tailored exclusively with health and social care workers in mind. 

*For a list of additional short, professional courses available please see the courses listed below.

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