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SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability Support)

Who we are

The College adopts an inclusive approach to learning, offering high quality teaching which is differentiated to take account of individual requirements and which aims to promote independence and the achievement of positive outcomes.

As a college, we will use our best endeavours to ensure you are supported in the most appropriate way, putting in place reasonable adjustments where necessary to remove barriers to learning and to enable you to fully access the curriculum and assessment / exam process.  A range of assistive technology applications are also available to help students with their studies and to promote independence.

Some students may require extra support for some of their time at college in order to achieve their full potential.  Where this is the case, and following an assessment / referral from their Student Manager or Nominated Tutor, the appropriate level and type of support will be offered via the SEND Team.

Some learners, who have a learning difficulty / disability or medical condition that affects their learning, may require Special Educational Needs / Disability Support.  A more comprehensive package of support may be required and, where is this is the case, the College will normally have been informed of this via the local authority, often through an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Following assessment, together with any information received from the local authority, an individualised support package will be put in place by the SEND Team.  This may include: support in and out of the classroom, modified resources or assistive technology.

The SEND Team includes:

  • Transitional Needs Officers – assess students (prior to enrolment wherever possible) to determine support requirements and to plan any activities that might be needed before enrolment to help ensure students have a smooth transition into college. 
  • Learning Support Assistants –support students in the learning environment. They also support those learners during lunch and break times where this is required.
  • Learning Support Coaches – support students out of class to develop independent study skills and also provide pastoral support.
  • Communication Support Workers – support HoH and D/deaf students in and out of the classroom setting, through BSL or their preferred communication method, to enable them to access the curriculum and day to day college life.

Who we can support

We can provide support for students with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities including:

  • Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • Specific Learning Difficulties e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD/ADD
  • Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Visual impairment and blind learners
  • Hard of Hearing (HoH) and D/deaf students
  • Physical disabilities
  • Medical conditions that affect learning (temporary or permanent)
  • Mental Health Difficulties 

How to access support

Prior to Enrolment:

  • Telephone 01772 225328 to book an appointment for an individual assessment of your learning support requirements

At Enrolment:

  • Visit the SEND desk during enrolment to discuss your potential support needs or book an appointment for a later date

After Enrolment:

  • If you have not already seen our Transition Team to talk through your potential support needs, then please either come to the main college reception to book an appointment for an individual assessment of your learning support requirements or ring 01772 225328.

Higher Education (HE) Students

The application for support for HE students is via the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Please contact the SEND Team or go to for more information.

Contact details

  • You can phone us on 01772 225328
  • You can text us on 07795 527444
  • You can visit us in The Point (in Student Services)
  • Ask your Student Manager or Nominated Tutor to contact us on your behalf

If you would prefer to have a private discussion, please ask to see or speak to a Co-ordinator.