Awarded By: City & Guilds
Level: Level 1
Last Updated: 29-09-23

Start your career in construction with this Level 1 Diploma in Wall and Floor Tiling course.

On this course you will develop the knowledge and skills which are essential to progress in the construction industry including the principles of constructing buildings, the types of information used in building design and construction, health, safety and environmental issues faced on construction sites, and how to communicate with others on the job.

You will also learn practical skills specific to tiling such as how to apply and fix tiling materials to wall and floor Installations, how to handle and store tiling materials and components, how to mix tiling materials and prepare tiles for fixing to wall and floor installations as welll as how to set out tiling components

The course has been designed as an intensive programme, making it ideal if you are looking to re-enter the world of work or embark upon a new career within the construction industry.


Construction Health & Safety

  • Health and safety legislation
  • Hazards and risks within the construction industry
  • Risk mitigation
  • Understanding and following method statements
  • Stakeholder responsibilities
  • Policies and procedures and the role of the Health and Safety Executive.

Understanding the Principles of building construction, information and communication

  • Identifying a range of building materials used with the construction industry
  • Knowledge of environmental considerations to improve efficiency
  • Knowledge of construction foundations
  • Understanding the of internal and externals walls, calculating areas, components used in internal and externals walls. 
  • Identify materials in mix ratios used in mortar
  • Knowledge of different types of floors
  • Communication in the workplace

Domestic Refit

  • Retrofit measures, drivers and benefits
  • Standard retrofit and whole house approaches
  • Retrofit principles materials and tools
  • Performance standards and regulations

Personal, Social and Digital Skills

  • Personal resilience and change management
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Stress management and mental health
  • Using devices, communicating, handling information and on-line safety

Preparing tiles for fixing to wall and floor installations

  • Prepare and cut tiles and trims for fixing using hand and power tools.
  • Marking and cutting tiles to different shapes and sizes.
  • Cutting tiles around obstacles

Apply and fix tiling materials to wall and floor tiling installations

  • Apply and fix boarding in preparation to tiling
  • Apply grout to tiled surfaces
  • Measuring and setting out wall and floor areas

Set out tiling components

  • Prepare and apply tiling materials to wall and floors
  • Understanding different background

Mix tiling materials

  • Mixing a variety of tile materials such as adhesive and grout

Handle and store tiling materials

  • Know how to store tiling material and accessories correctly



We recognise that as an adult learner you may have busy work/personal and financial commitments to balance alongside your studies; as such, we deliver a flexible model that integrates three hours per week of practical study that will be delivered on campus, plus an additional 4-6 hours per week of guided independent on-line study. This approach offers a flexible and convenient way for you to gain the theoretical knowledge alongside your technical skills. 

You will have access to a full scheme of work, on-line resources and self-assessments via our learner management service “CANVAS”.  You will receive a full induction on how to navigate this platform together with guidance from your tutor on completing your mandatory on-line modules.

If you prefer to undertake some of your on-line study in college or require some additional learning support, you have access to a weekly tutorial that will help you keep on-track with your studies.


Assessment on programme will comprise of various methods that will evaluate your knowledge, skills and competencies that have been acquired throughout your programme of study. 

You will undertake a series of controlled practical observations, submission of workbooks, on-line assessments and multiple-choice exams at the end of each module. Your digital skills will be assessed via examination. 


Completion of this Level 1 course provides you with the technical skills, knowledge and the foundation needed to progress on to a Level 2 programme in this respective trade or advance on to a Level 2 apprenticeship if you have secured employment in this field. 

If you are seeking to enter employment as a labourer, you will be required to undertake health and safety training and attain a CSCS Green Card.


As our Construction Centre reflects industry working practices, you will be required to purchase and wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including work boots and overalls (or old clothing).


Whilst formal English qualifications are not required for direct entry on to this programme, you will need to possess proficient English skills that will enable you to fully participate in all aspects of your learning and successfully achieve your qualification.

Your level of English skills will be assessed during the application process and will be determined by any previously obtained qualifications or via an English assessment, where appropriate.

In order to engage in the guided on-line learning components of your programme and to undertake modular assessments, the development of your digital skills will be at the core of our delivery and embedded throughout your full programme of study.

In addition, you will need access to a digital device. If these are not available to you at home, you are able to use the college facilities.


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