Creative Crafts

Did you know that the craft industry is now worth £1bn per year? While we can’t promise to make you that sort of money from your chosen craft we can offer you a selection of courses that could turn into a valuable hobby or even a small business opportunity that may grow and grow. So, whether it’s dress making, sewing or pottery, take a look at our craft courses to see where and how far your new hobby could take you.

Name Study Level Category Duration
Cake Baking Adults Catering & Hospitality 3 weeks per level
Cake Decorating 1 Adults Catering & Hospitality 9 or 10 weeks
Cake Decorating 2 Adults Catering & Hospitality 10 weeks
Cutting & Fitting: Dress Design Adults Art & Design 9/10/11 Weeks
Drawing for Beginners Adults Art & Design 10 weeks
Dressmaking Adults Creative Crafts 9/10/11/18 weeks
History of Art Adults Art & Design 5, 10 or 11 weeks
Holiday Spanish Adults Creative Crafts 11 or 10 weeks
Introduction to Creative Writing Adults Art & Design 9 or 11 weeks
Introduction to Digital Photography Adults Art & Design 9, 10 or 11 weeks
Pottery Workshop Adults Creative Crafts 8 weeks
Watercolours & Painting Adults Art & Design 9, 10 or 11 weeks