European Social Fund


Working within the Social and Community Work sector can offer an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career path. It is an opportunity to develop yourself in a professional and self reflective manner to enable you to meet the demands of employers within the sector and to adapt in an ever-changing world. 

As a Institute of Technology course, you will also learn how to maximise the use of digital technologies as part of your studies and how to apply these skills in key roles within the sector, reinforcing your employability, skills and knowledge. 

A career in this sector, involves taking a proactive approach working within our local communities. Whether that is creating plans and initiatives that address local needs or highlighting key issues in areas such as welfare, health, housing and recreation. You will be working to implement these plans to solve problems and improve the opportunities for everyone throughout the community. 

Social and Community Work services can be found in a range of settings, including family support services, advocacy and personal assistant roles. As well as job centres and public health environments. It can offer job opportunities in roles such as Senior Care Assistant, Senior Support Worker, Integrated Support Worker plus many more roles in numerous health , social care and community work across the sector. 

At Preston College, our HNC and HND Social and Community Work courses are awarded by Pearson and is an Institute of Technology accredited course.   


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