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Preston’s College Introduces Drone Technology in Interactive Masterclass

Preston’s College is honoured to have welcomed Neil Horner, Director of P34B and Jason Hinsley, Director of Drone Works, to host an interactive masterclass for our HNC Construction learners.

The interactive masterclass was joined by 20 of our second year apprentices, covering the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the lifecycle of a construction project. In addition, Jason shared “real life” footage of how this was implemented using drone technology.

Zac Wilkinson, Curriculum Leader for Construction and the Built Environment says: “Many aspects of the curriculum look towards modern methods of thinking; exploring how digital technologies are used in the construction industry, including the benefits of using digital technologies throughout the life of a construction project. Our aim has always been to bring context to this with interactive masterclasses.

“Building information Modelling features throughout their studies and was decided that this would be our first of many bespoke workshops.”

During the session, Neil Horner, Director of P34B gave learners a valuable insight into how BIM has become an intelligent 3D model-based process, that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the vision and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Jason, Director of Drone Works commented alongside Neil and demonstrated how Drone technology is now integrated at every stage of a construction project; to enhance rather than replace traditional methods of work. Learners were given the opportunity to watch  real-life footage of multiple projects and ask questions via the interactive ‘Menti’ app.

Zac adds: “It’s fantastic to see directors taking time out of their schedules to help shape and promote innovative curriculum for the next generation of construction workers.

I’m hoping conversations such as today will be the catalyst for more collaboration and masterclasses across all of our curriculum, as this truly is the most effective way to bring our industry to the classroom.”

Thank you to both Neil and Jason for taking the time to speak to our learners and enhancing their studies through interactive methods.

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