Gym Membership Terms and Conditions

These membership terms and conditions form part of your membership agreement with us.  You are also advised to read the Sports Centre rules, although the essential aspects of the membership are discussed with you prior to joining.  Please direct any further questions to one of the team who will be happy to help.

a)            On joining the Gym you have the choice of joining on a Direct Debit or Advanced Payment basis. 

b)            If you choose to pay your membership fees monthly; the membership will continue automatically.  If you choose to join the Gym by paying your membership fee in advance; your membership will end automatically unless you choose to renew the membership for a further term. Advanced Payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.

c)           As a member, you will have access to the Centre’s fitness classes free of charge; provided that your membership is current and fully paid up. Details of the fitness suite’s current opening hours and facilities are displayed on notices throughout the Centre.  Please note that the Sports Centre’s facilities may need to close without prior notice at anytime due to maintenance requirements.

d)            In the unfortunate event that you wish to end your membership, we request that you provide at least 1 months’ written notice.  Your membership will expire at the end of the complete calendar month after notice was given.

e)            All Gym membership fees and other fees are reviewed periodically with at least ten working days notice provided ahead of any changes.

f)             During the commitment period, the Centre may allow you to suspend (i.e. put ‘on hold’) your membership for up to nine months if you pay by direct debit (fees may apply) in the following circumstances; Medical illness or injury, Pregnancy, Redundancy, Temporary relocation by your employer, Armed forces posting. 

g)            We may require reasonable evidence of your inability to use the Gym, for instance; a doctor’s certificate, P45, Military ID (1250 card), employer’s letter.  The suspension period will start from the 1st of the month following the end of the one month notice period. 

h)            The Sports Centre provides lockers for the storage of personal items and uses all reasonable efforts to provide a secure environment for you to enjoy.  Nevertheless, the Centre cannot entirely eliminate the risk of theft, damage, or loss of members’ personal possessions.  We therefore advise you not to bring valuable items such as jewellery or large amounts of cash to the Gym.  Preston College accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of your personal effects, property and vehicles unless such damage or loss arises from the College’s negligence.  Please note that for security reasons the lockers will be emptied on a nightly basis.

i)              We realise that your requirements may alter over time, therefore, we ask that you let us know of any changes to your health or exercise capabilities immediately. In an effort to keep our records up to date we will also ask you to complete a medical questionnaire every twelve months.

j)             Preston College reserves the right to refuse membership without having to give any specific reason.

k)            Please remember that it is your responsibility to attend the appropriate fitness induction. You should only use the equipment or undertake any activity once you are satisfied that you are competent to do so safely and properly.

l)              Although we welcome all members to enjoy their time in the gym, we ask you to remain mindful of other users at all times. Any behaviour deemed inappropriate will be reviewed by the Centre Manager and could result in a suspension of your membership. This includes allowing access to other users through the locked door.

A warm welcome to the Gym.  We sincerely hope that you approve of these membership terms and that it provides a foundation for your continued enjoyment of the facilities. *Relevant fees and procedures will apply.

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