‘Sprint Start’ Launches for Current Y11 Learners

Preston’s College is committed to offering our learner’s the very best in teaching, learning and support – and this has never been as imperative as it has been during this unforeseen global pandemic.

We’re committed not only to our current learners but to the learners that will start with us this September. Our teams across College have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a brand new feature – Sprint Start, which we are pleased to announce has launched this week.

Our new Sprint Start programme has been purposefully designed for all of our Year 11 applicants, to give them an introduction to the College, their chosen course, the teaching staff and some of the course content that they will be studying as part of their qualification.

Year 11 learners who have applied to Preston’s College will have received an introduction from their Head of School for their area, videos, research exercises and links to the various career paths available to them through their chosen programme.

Debbie Ireland, Head of Curriculum 14-19 says: “It was without any deliberation that as a College we knew we wanted to do something for the Year 11 learners across the region who had applied to come to Preston’s College. This unique group of learners are the first of their generation who have had to forgo their GCSE exams this year and we understand that this must be a very unnerving time for them. To help reduce any concerns over their application and what they do next, we have created a facility to enable them to feel like they have a path to follow and to feel part of the College family; even though the start of College life is still a couple of months away.

We’ve only recently launched the feature, but have already had a lot of positive feedback from Year 11 learners and partner high schools in the region.”

Preston’s College recently became the Best performing College in Central Lancashire following the recent QAR report which saw all of their key provision (adults, school leavers and apprentices) achieved higher than the National Achievement Rate (NAR).

She adds: “We have proven that while we are in a national lockdown phase, distance learning and remote learning has been a success, and we endeavour to continue this high level of learning and support. This will now include our new learners that we hope to welcome to the College in September.”

All school leaver applicants will have received a link via email. If you have not yet received an email from us with your link, or you know that you have changed your email address since you have applied, please contact guidance@preston.ac.uk and we will resend the link to ensure you can explore your new course at Preston’s College.