T-Level in Health

At Preston College we are offering the T-Level in Health with the Adult Nursing and Mental Health specialisms. This doesn’t mean that your progression opportunities will be limited to just adult nursing or mental health roles, you can access a wide range of careers with further training as an Apprentice or with a degree at university. Remember, if you want to progress to university always check the entry criteria for your degree course.

Occupational Areas


There are a lot of different nursing roles in the health sector including specialists in adult, children, mental health, midwifery and learning disabilities.

Adult Social Care

In Adult Social Care you’ll find opportunities to work in care homes and in people’s homes providing essential support.

Emergency Care

Emergency care roles can include face to face assistance as a paramedic but also over the phone support as a call handler.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals play a vital role in treating, rehabilitating and improving patient lives.

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