Emergency Care

Emergency care is an area where most people would immediately think of a career as a paramedic, but there are other opportunities where your knowledge of health and T-Level qualification could be valuable. If you want to be a paramedic you will need to go to university to continue your studies. Remember to check university entry criteria and discuss your career goals with one of our qualified careers advisors or your tutor.


Paramedics provide immediate response to emergency calls that can be both traumatic and medical in origin and also respond to GP referrals and 111 calls.

Emergency Care Assistant

Emergency care assistants drive ambulances under emergency conditions and support paramedics.

Integrated Urgent Care/NHS 111

The NHS 111 service employs a range of staff from service advisers who handle non-urgent calls from patients and members of the public to senior health advisers, senior clinical advisers and team leaders. 

Emergency Dispatcher

Your T-Level in Health could also be used in other settings and roles such as a Emergency Dispatcher. You could take calls from people dialing 999 giving them advice and support while dispatching the required emergency services to them.

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