Finding an Employer

Finding an Employer

To study at Preston’s College you must have an employer!  To help you find one, here are five really important tips to help you succeed.

Visit local employers
Contact local employers to see if you can go in for a quick chat! It’s much better to make a good first impression in person than over the phone.
Volunteer/Work experience
Make a lasting impression by giving a company a helping hand – it could be your golden ticket into employment.
Word of Mouth
Ask your friends and family if they know any local companies who are looking to hire an Apprentice.  Remember, it’s a small world.
Get your CV up-to-date
Make sure you stand out from the crowd with the best CV possible – it’s your shop window!
Contact the JobZone
The JobZone is a professional recruitment service dedicated to helping you find an Apprenticeship.  Based at Preston’s College, our Apprenticeship matching service has strong relationships with hundreds of employers across the region.

With dozen of active vacancies throughout the year, this means that we have employers ready and waiting to hire you!

Whether you are leaving school, currently at College, an adult in employment looking to upskill or you are unemployed, The Job Zone would love to hear from you!

You can make an appointment to speak to one of our specialist advisors today by calling 01772 225222 or email