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Back to Business: Meet the Team

At Preston’s College we are proud to have a remarkable group of industry experts to lead our apprenticeship and professional programmes.

As well as our Apprenticeship Team, who will support you through the apprenticeship journey, our Heads of School and Curriculum Leaders will ensure that your apprentices have the very best experience in teaching and learning with us, right until they leave.

Meet Fiona and Becky today on our LIVE zoom chat anytime between 10am-12noon. The link is below. Fiona’s introduction to the event is on the homepage of this event and below, Becky, our Apprenticeship Specialist, Rachel, our Curriculum Leader and Amanda, our Hairdressing Tutor Assessor, give you an insight into apprenticeships at Preston’s College with useful information for both employers and apprentices.

There is also a small introduction from Daniel, our Employer Engagement Manager,as he introduces himself and gives a small insight into how his team can help you.

If you have any questions for any of the team today, please call 01772 225743 and we will direct you to the right person for your call. Or Join our LIVE zoom call between 10am -12noon.

Contact Becky on t: 01772 225772 m: 07979700608 e:

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