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Coronavirus – Latest Government Advice

In line with the daily updates being provided by the UK Government, additional guidance on coronavirus (Covid-19) is now available.

A key, recent change is the advice on what individuals should do, if they develop a persistent cough and/or high temperature, however mild. Those individuals must now self-isolate (i.e. stay at home without leaving the house and not come into college), for a period of 14 days, from when the symptoms started.

In addition, if you live with someone who has either:

  • A high temperature and/or
  • A continuous cough

You must now also self-isolate, for a period of 14 days, even if you feel well.

If you are required to self-isolate, please ensure that you inform college in the way you would usually report an absence.

If you fall ill with any of the above symptoms during the college day, you must inform your tutor immediately, who will advise of the appropriate steps to take.

Full UK Government’s guidance for self-isolation is provided here

At present, Preston’s College remains open, in-line with UK Government advice. If the guidance and situation changes, we will notify all learners, parent/carers and staff, so please keep your eye on your college email inbox, our website and social media over the coming days.

As updates are changing regularly, the latest information can be found here and official Government web pages should always be your point of reference:

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