Opened in October 2015, our £13m Innovation and STEM Centre (iSTEM) provides outstanding teaching facilities and equipment including a 6-seater Piper Aztec aircraft used by our Aeronautical Engineers. The aircraft takes centre stage in our workshop where learners understand how to get the plane into the air before taking to the skies themselves.

iSTEM Centre

We have a vision of STEM education that is unique in the sector: a vision that all learners should have access to and enjoy the benefit of STEM study. Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths are no longer the boring subjects of old. In our vision they are the fresh and innovative subjects of the future.

It’s a vision that makes our STEM provision accessible and relevant to everyone. We see a need to make learning focused on the range of skills and knowledge that will prepare you for a lifetime of success, that is broad enough to ensure you still have options and narrow enough to provide you with a clear path to follow. We see a time where Preston’s College allows you to create, be Enterprising, innovate and learn how to succeed in the modern world.

That time is now, or rather that time is September 2015. For now you can see how the new iSTEM Centre is progressing in our time lapse video and you can pre-enrol to the Centre by completing our registration form.