Ashley Dalton

Independent Governor

Member of Resources Committee

Joined Board: 2022

Ashley Dalton currently works in the Preston voluntary sector having worked in local government for 25 years across Regeneration, Community Development and Community Cohesion. Ashley attended Preston College as a student in the early 1990s and is delighted to now be a governor here. In her work life Ashley specialises in community consultation and engagement as well as organisational development and governance and brings her skills and experience from that to the role of independent governor.

Ashley has previously been a governor at Middlesex University and various primary, junior, and secondary schools. Ashley is a long-time community volunteer and also has a long history of being a trustee of voluntary sector organisations including Lancashire Youth Clubs Association, Youth Clubs UK, and the Turning Tides neighbourhood management programme. Ashley is currently involved with a residents’ group in Preston and the Friends of Avenham and Miller Parks.

Ashley is particularly focused on student engagement and representation, equalities and diversity and community cohesion.

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