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Initial Access Courses (19+ Provision)

Whatever career you’re looking to get into, you need to build it on certain basic skills. The Skills Development department works right across the College to help you develop the basics you need for work, life and further study. If you need to improve your English and maths we can help. If you have learning difficulties or if you’re disabled and need help preparing for work, life and further study we can help you.

Independent Living Route A

(3.5 days per week)
On this route the learners will attend lessons in sports, personal and social development, communicationLLDD hi-vis skills, gardening, maths, English, catering and creative workshops. The focus of the sessions will be aimed towards independent living skills. Each group will have a personal tutor to help and support them.

Employability Route B

(3.5 days per week)

On this route the learners will attend lessons in employability, community projects, work experience, photography, IT, maths and English. The focus of all of the sessions is to improve employability and enterprise skills. Each group will be assigned a personal tutor to support them.

Route C

(2 days a week)

On this route the learners attend lessons in personal and social development, maths, English, communication skills and creative workshop.

Route D

(1 day a week)

On this route the learners can choose two subjects from the choice of creative workshop, drama, photography, music, dance and IT.

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Maths and English options

In addition to all of the courses above the learners can attend additional reading and money sessions for further skill development.


“I have gained confidence by trying new things and working in a team”


“I like learning about money as it gives me independence”


For further details about our Initial Access courses, please call us on 01772 225522