College signs Covenant and commits to Armed Forces

Principal and chief executive of Preston’s College, Lis Smith, signed a formal declaration to demonstrate the College’s commitment to all members of the armed forces.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a national commitment to recognise those who have performed military duty, including servicemen and women, veterans and their families, demonstrating the value of their contribution.

Principal & Chief Exective Lis Smith & Lieutenant Colonel Alex Cotterill
Preston’s College principal & Chief executive Dr Lis Smith signs the Covenant alongside Lieutenant Colonel Alex Cotterill, head of engagement for the army north west.

The Covenant works to ensure all members of the armed forces receive equal support and access to services including healthcare, financial services, employment opportunities and education as any other citizen.

Already, more than 800 businesses and charities have pledged their commitment by signing the Armed Forces Covenant with the figure set to rise.

The College’s formal signing of the Covenant took place between Lis Smith and Lieutenant Colonel Alex Cotterill, pledging promises on how the College will demonstrate their support to the armed forces.

These promises included providing aligned and accessible provision, discounted service rates and fair access to employment opportunities to serving personnel, both regular and reservists, veterans and military families.

Lis Smith, principal and chief executive at Preston’s College, said: “Signing the Armed Forces Covenant allows Preston’s College to demonstrate our commitment to serving those who have served us.

“Within our promise, we have pledged ways to give back to all members of the armed forces in a fair and equal manner, involving our community, learners and staff.

Major Anthony Turner, employer engagement officer for Army Headquarters North West added: “The signing of the Covenant with Preston’s College marks the culmination of positive work and the development of strong links with the Armed Forces community in Preston.

“The Covenant recognises the support and commitment made by the College and their staff, acting as a springboard for future development and employment opportunities over the coming years.”

Preston’s College also aims to actively promote reserve service on relevant courses such as Public Services, Hospitality and Sports, with a view to expand to other courses including Engineering provision.

To find out more about these courses, please visit:

Preston's College Executive Leadership Team alongside Lieutenant Colonel Alex Cotteril and Major Anthony Turner



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