Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular because they give you employment with a local company, and we regularly update our vacancies so you can see what is available at this time. As an Apprentice, you’ll ‘earn while you learn’, and the real life skills and experience you get from an Apprenticeship are sought after by employers, which will help to give you an edge over other people looking for employment.

An Apprenticeship with Preston’s College

Preston’s College is the leading provider of Apprenticeships in the Lancashire area. We have established relationships with local employers across the region and work with both employers and Apprentices to ensure we match the right Apprentice with the right business.

Choose an Apprenticeship if…

You want to gain recognised qualifications while working in the industry.

You wish to develop your work based skills earning a weekly wage with all the benefits of a full-time employee.

You are looking for career progression within a company or you wish to continue your studies in Higher Education.