Based over 4,200 square metres our new iSTEM Centre is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the country and provides learners with a unique opportunity to train and develop the skills desired by local employers.

Our iSTEM Centre isn’t just a shiny new building, but a space that provides ‘Real Work Environments’, based on industry standards, designed and supported by local employers and delivering first class training across a range of disciplines. These include advanced manufacturing, aerospace design, civil engineering and the digital industries.

Learners at Preston’s College will study STEM courses not as individual qualifications but as a set of pathways that reflect the real world and the need for everyone to be able to explore, design, build, test, power, and grow throughout their lives and careers.

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From sustainable low carbon energy such as wind farming, photovoltaic energy, nuclear power stations and geothermal electricity generation, the power sector and the technicians and designers it employs is fundamental to the lives we lead. Our power needs are growing and the sector as a whole needs more qualified engineers to fill those vital roles. You have the power!


Careers in Science and Technology are ultimately about exploration. Those with a passion for problem solving and innovative thinking are needed across the UK’s industries to bring their underpinning scientific knowledge to the aid of British businesses. Working in research and development, industrial chemistry, forensic science or polymer science, our STEM graduates will go on to fill a multitude of roles.


There is a growing need for healthcare scientists, carers, nurses and therapists in a wide variety of settings across the UK and an emergent and growing market for fitness, rehabilitation and sports scientists. UK employers report a lack of STEM skills across this sector but we have the facilities and the curriculum to make you employable in these industries.


With careers in Advanced Manufacturing a regional priority, we have developed cutting edge manufacture and design qualifications in our iSTEM Centre so you can start your journey into these exciting careers with us. Whether working with composite carbon fibre on race cars or fighter jets, or using CNC machines to create lightweight aircraft components, your career is yours for the making.


Today, a career in Engineering doesn’t only mean grease and metal and nuts and bolts it can also mean fine electronic work on the gaming or virtual reality machines of the future, building robots or programmable drones or working on the production processes of high-profile products.


The engineering industries have been revolutionised by materials science – the discovery of composite plastics, carbon fibre, alloys and, in Manchester, the Nobel Prize winning Graphene. If you see your future in the design and development of new materials, then Preston’s College is the place to start. Working with state of the art design packages, manufacturing processes and testing of new materials, you could be the next bright star to create a material that revolutionises industry.