Learner Recognised for Contribution to NHS

Toni on her first day of the course
Pictured: Toni on the first day of her Pharmaceutical Sciences course at Preston’s College.

A former Preston’s College apprentice has been remembered for her outstanding contribution to NHS pharmacy services at the North West Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Awards in Manchester.

Toni Hargreaves, who sadly passed away following a battle with cancer, won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy Services in the Workplace’ award, which was received in her honour by her partner Wendy Corbett.

The event was held by NHS Health England to recognise and award health care trainees who consistently go above and beyond their role.

Bina Kadri, Toni’s pharmacy lecturer at Preston’s College, nominated Toni for the award in April 2018 following her dedication and commitment to work alongside her illness.

Toni worked as a student pharmacy technician at the Royal Preston Hospital and chose to study Level 3 Pharmaceutical Sciences at Preston’s College to become a fully qualified and registered pharmacy technician.

Toni’s learning journey began in September 2016, where she set out to gain qualifications to advance her role at the hospital. She worked on a full-time basis alongside her studies at Preston’s College and was awarded a Distinction in July 2018.

Not only was Toni highly skilled, committed and passionate about her job, she also enjoyed painting in her spare time and was an accomplished artist. She showcased her work at exhibitions across the country which she travelled to with Wendy, her partner and fellow artist.

Learner Recognised for Contribution to NHS

Bina said: “Toni was a dedicated, articulate and witty individual who never let her personal challenges get in the way of achieving her dream.

“Toni was very committed to her studies and maintained a 100% attendance record, despite her illness. She always went beyond the scope of the curriculum to help both herself and her peers achieve their ambitions.

“All of these reasons are why I nominated Toni for the award she so deservingly won. She is so dearly missed.”

Wendy Corbett, Toni’s partner, said: “Toni always did everything to the best of her ability, whatever new task or role she took on. This was evident when she became a pre-registered Pharmacy Technician, she was totally committed to her role.

“Being an older learner at Preston’s College, Toni recognised that she may find studying harder, so she developed her own unique way of revising for exams by creating mnemonics, bringing her work to life with cartoons.

“Toni was inspirational, hardworking and completely committed individual, which is why she achieved distinctions for her work in spite of everything she was going through.

“One of Toni’s sayings that she lived by was ‘you only regret things in life that you haven’t done’, she strongly believed that the only failure is failing to try and that you can achieve anything if you truly want to.”

This article has been written in memory of Toni Hargreaves, 15/12/1965 – 01/09/18.