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Pharmacy Mentor Form

Mentor Registration Form 2022

North West Framework for Checking Dispensed Items/BTEC Professional Diploma in Dispensing Checking. This form should be completed by the mentor.
Full Name & Address of Pharmacy

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Employment Overview

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I confirm that I am a qualified Accuracy Checker or Pharmacist and have a minimum of 1 years post qualification accuracy checking experience. I wish to apply to be a Mentor for the BTEC Dispensing Technician Checking course. I confirm that I have the support of my manager, that I am able to meet with my candidate on a regular basis and will support my candidate to complete the qualification within the 12 month timeframe. I confirm that my candidate will be able to attend the half day course induction session. I confirm that my candidate will be provided with 2.5 days study time over the first three weeks of the course