REBUILD LANCASHIRE : Lifetime Skills Guarantee

September 2020 saw the Prime Minister announce the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, meaning from April 2021, any adult aged 24 and over, living in the Lancashire region, not yet holding a full level 3 qualification will be able to study their first level 3 qualification with us, free of charge.

Part of the wider £2.5 billion National Skills Fund, which aims to support immediate economic recovery and future skills needs, by boosting the supply of skills that employers require, the Lifetime Skills Guarantee allows us to offer a range of courses to any adult meeting the above criteria.

The courses on offer include:

If you or one of your employees is able to evidence that they:

  1. Are aged 24+
  2. Live in Lancashire
  3. Do NOT currently hold a full, Level 3 qualification

All of the above courses will be FREE to study from April 2021! (Note – only one Level 3 programme from the list above can be chosen per person).

If you or any of your staff are interested in studying with us, please click here to submit an application form. Once the application is received, the individual will receive a call back from one of the adult advice team, who will check eligibility and progress the enrolment process.

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