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College Reopening – A Guide for Learners

The guidance outlined below is designed to ensure a safe learning environment as the College reopens its doors to learners following COVID-19 lockdown. Safety of learners and staff is of paramount importance to the College, and by following the rules set out below, we should be able to ensure a smooth return to learning on campus. The guide will be reviewed regularly and updates provided as necessary.

Arrival at College

  • Buses will drop off at the College between 8.30am and 9.15am at the bus stop close to St Vincent’s Road. Face coverings must be worn on buses in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Staff will be present during this period to welcome you and ensure that you know where to go next. The NHS Test facility previously located near the bus drop off point has now left site, so arrival at College will not be impacted.
  • Learners will need to register their attendance by swiping their ID badge at machines located in each building. This is essential for health and safety reasons. Temporary day badges must be obtained from Reception in the event of not having a badge, but this will only be allowed up to three times. Badges must be worn at all times.
  • Learners should go directly to the classroom/workshop in which their first lesson will take place, although short visits to the Food Court to purchase food and refreshments will be permitted.
  • Face coverings will need to be worn whilst in communal areas inside the College. This will include corridors, toilets, Reception and Food Court. Some learners will have health related exemptions, and will be wearing a distinct lanyard for ease of identification. These learners should not be challenged about why they are not wearing a face covering.
  • Acceptable face coverings must cover both nose and mouth, and simply pulling up a coat, jumper or scarf will not be acceptable.
  • Hand sanitiser units are available throughout the College. Hands must be washed or sanitised on arrival, and at regular points during the day.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be observed whilst on College premises.


  • Face coverings will not always be required during taught sessions as 2 metre social distancing will often be in place, although this will be kept under regular review. Some rooms will, however, be set up for 1m+ social distancing, and face coverings will be required in these rooms. These rooms will be clearly marked with additional signage.
  • Teachers will wear face visors during lessons, and all 16 to 18 year old learners will be provided with one free face visor on their first day of attendance. These are offered for additional comfort and ease of communication, but alternative face coverings can be worn if preferred.
  • Replacement face visors can be supplied, but will be charged.
  • Individual learners are permitted to choose to wear a face covering during lessons even where this is not a mandatory requirement because 2 metre social distancing is in place, and anybody directing abuse towards a learner that makes this choice will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Failure to observe social distancing and/or wearing of face coverings when directed will also result in disciplinary action.
  • Windows will generally be kept open to promote air circulation and reduce health risks. Normal College practice is that coats should not be worn in classrooms, this will not be enforced during this academic year.
  • Sanitising wipes will be available for additional wiping down of equipment before and after use.
  • Computer keyboards will have covers in place to aid wiping down.


  • Movement around College should be minimised. Eating and drinking will be permitted in classrooms at times when formal teaching is not taking place, although this will not be allowed in practical workshop areas. The use of refreshments during lessons will be restricted to water only. The bins provided must be used for any waste.
  • Leaving campus before the end of your College day is discouraged; this is in order to promote the wellbeing of you and the local community, as well as encouraging punctual returns to class. Any break times will be relatively short, and catering/vending facilities are available on site.
  • Directional signs are in place to maintain social distancing and must be observed.
  • Cleaning will be in place at times during the day, and cleaners must be treated with respect whilst undertaking this role.
  • Smoking areas will be available, but social distancing of 2 metres must be observed.
  • The College expects learners to eat lunch in designated classrooms, with any rubbish placed in bins provided.
    • Staggered lunchtimes/break times will be in place on a building by building basis. Hot and cold food will be available in the Food Court on a grab and go basis, seating areas in the Food Court will be closed.
    • The Food Court will open from 8.30am to 9.30am for a limited breakfast service, and 11.30am to 2pm for lunch. Starbucks, shop facilities and vending will be available at other times, any closing times will be clearly advertised.

Leaving College

  • Staff will be present to help direct you towards bus stops between 4.15pm and 5pm.
  • Swiping out will be required in the same way as on arrival to ensure that full records are available of who is on site at all times.
  • Face coverings must be worn on corridors, but can be removed outside. They must be worn on buses.

General points

  • Do not attend College if you have symptoms of coronavirus i.e. high temperature, continuous cough, loss of taste/smell. Contact the College to make us aware of the situation.
  • Anyone developing symptoms during the day must inform a member of staff. Arrangements will be made for you to leave site, and instructions given to anyone that you may have been in close contact with. Anyone with symptoms is expected to arrange a test through the NHS, and inform the College of results.
  • Spitting and use of chewing gum is not permitted whilst on College premises.
  • Coughs and sneezes must be caught using tissues, and disposed of in waste bins. Deliberate coughing or sneezing in someone’s face will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • College toilets will operate on a one in/one out principle with restrictions on numbers allowed in. Signs are displayed and must be observed.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be observed at all times. Face coverings must be worn as directed at any times when this is not possible.
  • Lifts are in use, but are restricted to one person at a time. They should only be used if absolutely necessary.
  • Contemplation rooms will be available, but should be restricted to single occupancy.
  • Water fountains are in use, but hands should be washed or sanitised before and after use. Any water dispensed must be directly into a personal water bottle, and mouth to tap contact will not be allowed at any time.
  • Most areas of the College will operate on a keep left principle, including the external High Street. Any exceptions are clearly marked. Many staircases will be one way only, again this will be clearly marked.