Sally pursues lifelong ambition to study bricklaying, with the support of Preston’s College

40 year old Sally joined the Level 1 Bricklaying course at Preston’s College in September 2019, having had a go at building her own garden wall and pizza oven.

With generations of family working in the building trade, Sally always had a passion for working outside, learning a skill and undertaking a practical role. Partner Paul joined the Level 1 Bricklaying course at Preston’s College in 2018 and his new found abilities inspired Sally to follow her own dreams and return to learning, pursing evening study alongside working part-time and family commitments.

With initial apprehension about joining a course in a typically male dominated trade, Sally’s fears were soon allayed when she arrived at Preston’s College for her first day and quickly realised the group was a real mix of people who were all there to learn and help each other out.

Commenting, Sally said:

“I am so glad I decided to enrol on this course, my only regret is not doing it sooner! The tutors on the course have been absolutely amazing. They are so supportive and if you need any help, you only need to ask and they will show you the right technique, provide extra guidance or just talk you through a particular skill.”

Continuing, she added:

“I am the only woman in the group but I don’t even notice. The group are a great bunch of people who are supportive, helpful and people I would now class as friends, not just colleagues.”

As part of the course Sally has studied a range of units, learning how to level, plumb, gauge and range work, cut and roll, and has learnt the basics of correct trowel use from day one, so all future work is of the highest possible standard.

Already planning to enrol on the Level 2 Bricklaying course and with ambitions to one day set up her own ‘female building crew’ Sally recommends the course to anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Speaking, she said:

“I would highly recommend the Level 1 Bricklaying course to anyone who has a passion for home improvements, gardening or just a desire to learn a new skill. The course has already opened up so many opportunities and I am already being asked by friends to help them build new walls in their gardens! I’m also planning on re-building my pizza oven – I can do so much more with it now, using the skills I’ve gained on this course!”

To find out more about the wide range of adult construction courses available here at Preston’s College for September 2020 entry, please click here. To apply, please click here.


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