Construction Learners Gain Tool Masterclass

Footprint tools
Learners observe the process of creating and manufacturing a tool.

Seven Preston’s College 14 – 16 school links learners had the unique opportunity to explore a world-renowned hand tool manufacturer to gain valuable insights into the hand tool industry.

Learners took a trip to Footprint Tools, where staff demonstrated the process of creating and manufacturing hand tools which are enjoyed by construction tradespeople around the world.

The fourth generation family owned business, based in Sheffield, are a British hand tool manufacturer with a heritage dating back to the 1760s.

Learners were given a guided tour of the factory and talked through how tools are made, including bolsters, chisels and line pins, demonstrating how processes have developed over the hundreds of years since the company was founded.

During the demonstration of the forging furnace, which heats up steel for tools to be shaped, learners were tasked with guessing how long it would take for a frozen pizza to cook at 1300 degrees centigrade in a bid to win some of the company’s tools.

Tyler Baron
Pictured: Tyler Baron showcases his new tool kit.

Tyler Baron, a year 11 pupil at Brownedge St. Mary’s studying the 14 – 16 school links construction course at Preston’s College, was the successful estimator with an accurate guess of 9.5 seconds and won £100 worth of Footprint Tools.

Zac Wilkinson, Trowel Occupations & 14 – 16 School Links Construction tutor at Preston’s College, said: “The trip provided learners with a valuable and engaging insight into the construction manufacturing industry.

“Footprint Tools demonstrated and discussed how different tools are created and used by tradespeople, giving learners a deeper understanding of how to use them in the College’s bricklaying workshop.

“The 14 – 16 school links construction programme at Preston’s College equips year 10 and 11 pupils across local secondary schools with skills, experiences and qualifications to kick-start their future career in the industry.”

Tim Jewitt, Director of Footprint Tools, added: “It was great to host a fantastic group of young people brimming with passion for the industry and asking questions to find out more.

“I hope this is the first of many future trips for learners to visit our factory and learn more about the manufacturing process of hand tools.”

On completion of the College’s 14 – 16 School Links Construction programme, pupils achieve a Level 2 qualification in ‘Planning & Maintaining the Built Environment’.

Preston’s College provides 14 – 16 School Links programmes for school pupils in year 10 and 11 across a range of provision, including Construction, Automotive Technologies and Hair & Beauty.


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