Student Success!

Apprentices John and Rory Secure Jobs with Forsberg!

Our apprentices have just completed their apprenticeships here with company, Forsberg.

John and Rory joined Forsberg; an engineering company dedicated to provision, navigation and timing, in December 2017, as part of the industry placement (T-Level) they needed to support their course with Preston’s College. Following this, they both chose to do an apprenticeship to complete their HNC and NVQ.

John said of his time as an apprentice at Forsberg:

‘I enjoyed having responsibility and being treated like a proper member of the team. Being allowed to complete and plan tasks on my own and feeling that my judgments were trusted.’

Rory added:

‘My college mates didn’t have work experience nearly as good as the one I had. I didn’t feel forgotten about at any point and thought everything I was doing was interesting. I really enjoyed working with GNSS and decided that Forsberg was the best and most interesting option for me.’

As their time as apprentices were drawing to a close, John and Rory were interviewed for positions within the company which they were offered and have accepted. As of next week, John will fulfil the role of Production Test Technician and Rory our new Engineering Technician.

Rory adds: ‘I Plan to develop my engineering knowledge through a Flexible learning HND. Completing this whilst working at Forsberg and working within real life engineering projects and scenarios will allow me to greatly increase my engineering knowledge and skills.’

We’re excited to support John and Rory with their next step and to see their progression throughout their careers in engineering.

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