Amanda Morey

Amanda Morey

Staff Governor – Business Support

Resources Committee

Joined Board: March 2024

Amanda Morey has worked at Preston College for 21 years, working in a number of different roles, including the role of work based tutor, working with learners and employers to achieve excellent results in apprenticeship standards.

Engaging with employers led Amanda to join the Employer Engagement Apprenticeship Team as a Business Development Lead. This role involves working with learners and parents and liaising with employers from occupations such as dental nursing, pharmacy, construction and business. The role provides Amanda with great insight and regularly contact with business support and teaching staff.

Amanda’s personal values very much mirror the College’s values which include being welcoming, inclusive, supportive and compassionate. Amanda stood for election as a staff governor (Business Support) as she would like to contribute to the decisions which relate to staff and learners at the College.

Register of Interest

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