Automotive Technologies at Preston College

Careers in the automotive industry include automotive technicians, motorsports engineers, car designers and many more. With a global focus on climate change and a growing demand for low emission cars there are lots of opportunities for innovation and a real need for workers that can quickly adapt to new technologies.

At Preston College you will have access to a wide range of learning resources in our iSTEM Automotive Workshop including diagnostics equipment, mechanic tool kits and hydro/pneumatic lifts.

Below you’ll find a short tour of the iSTEM Automotive facilities from previous Head of School, Mark Knight. Below that, Kevin Cleaver will discuss course options with you, before two short demonstrations of tasks you will learn on your course and are vital skills needed within the automotive industry.

You’ll also find exclusive insights into careers within the automotive industry, with videos from people across the country involved in the sector.

Andrew Harries – Network Rail


Daniel Hopkins – Network Rail

Shar – Automotive Designer

Amy Clare – Network Rail

For more information on Automotive Technologies courses or to apply, please click here

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