Carpentry & Joinery at Preston College

At Preston College, our Carpentry and Joinery courses give you all the skills and experience you need to transition into an apprenticeship or full time employment. We offer Levels 1 to 3, and below you can discover more about your options and what Preston’s College has to offer.

At Level 1 and 2 you will develop your practical skills learning how to create setting out rods and routine joinery products using hand tools, power tools and woodworking machinery. You will also learn how to interpret drawings, provide estimates and communicate effectively.

At Level 3 you will gain hands-on experience preparing and using woodworking machinery as part of the manufacturing process. You’ll also develop your knowledge and technical skills to manufacture complicated joinery products.

Meet Ryan Hoyle, one of our Carpentry & Joinery tutors as he discusses the course with you and what Preston College offers.

Ryan is here to walk you through the tools you’ll be using. We have a full suite of traditional tools as well as modern power tools.

We are also the first college in the UK to have in place a Weinig CNC wood working machine which assists in factory manufacturing of wood products such as doors, bannisters and more.

Ryan gives you a demonstration of a task you’ll take on as part of your course – as you’ll see, we teach both traditional and modern joinery and carpentry to ensure a level and well balanced skill set and experience with all of our learners.

For more information on our Carpentry & Joinery courses, including entry criteria, what you’ll learn and more, please click here

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