20% off-the-job-training explained

You’ll be aware that as part of an apprenticeship, apprentices are required to undertake 20% off-the-job training. The 20% off-the-job training provides the time for your apprentice to focus and develop the required skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to achieve the apprenticeship; giving them a well-rounded skill set for the role they are training in.

But what does this mean, and how will it fit into your apprentice’s day to day work?

  1. Off-the-job training must make up 20% of the apprentice’s contracted hours over the total duration of the apprenticeship. This typically equates to one working day per week.
  2. Employers decide how and when they want off-the-job training to be delivered. It can be for one day a week, for one week out of five or grouped together at the beginning or end of the apprenticeship.
  3. Off-the-job training can be delivered in the workplace or at an external location but always within an apprentice’s working hours and never in their own time.
  4. If the apprenticeship requires the apprentice to come into College one day a week for training – this counts towards their 20%.
  5. All of the 20% off-the-job training is recorded and must be completed to pass the apprenticeship.



> Theory – such as lectures, day release at College, online learning, simulation exercises or manufacturer training.

> Practical training that an apprentice wouldn’t usually do during the week – such as shadowing other members of staff, being mentored for future skills, tutor led coaching sessions, visits to other businesses or taking part in competitions.

> Learning support and time spent writing and completing project work and assignments for their apprenticeship.


> English and Maths (up to level two) *apprentices who need to complete these will be given extra time within their working week to complete these.

> Work based tutor progress reviews or on-programme assessments that are required.

> Any training that takes place outside the apprentice’s paid working hours.

Should you at any time have any questions about off-the-job training, you are welcome to contact the Apprenticeship Team at Preston’s College. e: dcrumblehulme@preston.ac.uk t: 01772 225743 m: 07971511537

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