Course Funding

Funding your chosen course could be easier and cheaper than you initially think. If you work and think that free courses are unavailable to you because you are employed, this may not be the case. There are a range of funding options available to those in employment, all of which are explained below.

Not all of the options listed below apply to all courses, so we recommend you click into each section for a general overview and then contact us to speak to a specialist recruitment adviser for more detail on your chosen programme and the funding options applicable to that course.

If you are interested in studying a Leadership and Management qualification with us, you may find the course is free, if you work for an organisation based in Lancashire, employing less than 250 people. Please see the Leading Lancashire tab below for further details.

To discuss any of the above in more detail, specifically in relation to your own personal circumstances, please contact Julie on: 01772 225025.

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