Automotive Learners from Preston’s College have rallied together to attend their first motorsport event on the Isle of Anglesey.

The Level 2 Motorsport learners had the opportunity to put their skills into practice at Anglesey Circuit Rally day to give them a taste of industry work out on the race paddock.

Learners were tasked with maintaining and checking their vehicle throughout the day to prepare the car to complete 5 track stages. Each stage increased in complexity, mileage and terrain, ranging from smooth tarmac, to loose gravel and even water splashes and jumps!

The day provided learners with the opportunity to apply their practices in a real life setting, underlining the College’s commitment to making the most employable learners.

The day also included undertaking tyre changes and checking the fuel, oil and hydraulic levels at regular intervals to ensure the car was able to perform at its best, despite poor weather conditions.

The learner’s thorough preparation, teamwork and ability meant that the car successfully tackled all 5 stages, meeting the time constraints without any problems. Around 50 competitive miles were covered during the event and on board data tracking allows learners to analyse their skills in enhancing the performance of the car.

Mark Knight, programme team leader for Automotive Technologies, said: “The rally day was fantastic as it allowed learners to take a car they have been working on in the College’s workshops to a real motorsport event.

“We are planning to continue to take our learners on similar trips, as they really benefit from gaining hands-on skills and experience.

“Learners work on all kinds of cars within the College’s workshop, including a MG ZS touring car, the Escort Cosworth WRC and the College’s own [new for 2018] Ford Fiesta. This provides an abundance of opportunities for current and prospective learners.

“The learners are now working on preparing their own Fiesta challenge car, ready for another visit to the Isle of Anglesey.”

Preston’s College offers Motorsport courses ranging from Level 1 – 3, with full access to our real working environments and workshops in the state-of-the-art iSTEM Centre. To find out more, please visit