Exceptional Employer and Apprentice Awards – Nominations Open!

The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th April (Easter Monday), so there’s still time to enter your apprentices!

Have you an apprentice that has impressed you? Have they gone above and beyond in their job role, or changed the way you do things in the workplace?

Have they made a real difference to your team? Or have they overcome adversity and hit their own personal barriers head-on?

Our Exceptional Employer and Apprentice Awards will celebrate the success of our learners and the exceptional employers we work with.

Nominations are open and we’d like to ask you to put forward any apprentices that you feel are deserving of an award. The categories are below.

Our five winning award categories this year are:
Rising Star:
For the apprentice who has demonstrated commitment throughout their apprenticeship; has shown consistent dedication and has produced good work that shows potential. This apprentice will have worked to comply with and understand both the College’s and the employer’s core values. This apprentice may also have discussed their next steps for progression or has been identified as a rising star through appraisal or learner reviews.
Above and Beyond:
For the apprentice who has gone that extra mile within their apprenticeship; who has demonstrated a strong work ethos and has given every effort to produce good quality pieces of work. This apprentice might help and support others in the work place or perform acts of kindness that are appreciated by others. They may produce additional work to what is expected of their apprenticeship or job role. It might be that they have adopted an ambassadorial role to be an example to others by inspiring other apprentices.
Innovation and Ideas:
For the apprentice who has inspired their employer and/or their team by injecting new skills or ideas into the workplace. This apprentice may have presented new ideas or led an innovative project within the company or they could be someone who may have thought of an innovative way to make improvements to the service or organisation. This apprentice shows commitment to their role and the organisation they work in with a genuine passion to do the best for the company and helping support a new way of working that helps an organisation to improve and grow.
Breaking Barriers:
For the apprentice who demonstrates dedication and determination despite having barriers to learning. This may be because they have additional learning needs, a disability, come from a deprived background or have had to overcome a particularly challenging situation to get to where they are. This apprentice has demonstrated a real love of learning and has shown hard work and commitment despite the barriers they face.  
Against All Odds:
For the apprentices who never thought they would have an opportunity in the career they wished for; who may have struggled at school may have experienced a difficult time or something that has meant they have really had to work hard in order to achieve to get their grades and the apprenticeship they are in. They may still be faced with challenges yet strive to achieve or use their experiences to support others through a challenging time. This apprentice doesn’t take no for an answer and has shown real determination and strength which has inspired others.
If you feel your apprentice fits into any of the above and are deserving of an award – please nominate here or click the button above
Deadline for submissions is midnight, Monday 18th April.
The event will be held on Tuesday 10th May 2022 at Preston College. If your apprentice is shortlisted, further information will be sent closer to the event.


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