FdA Counselling and Psychotherapy students host Q&A with award-winning Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Counselling Psychology

Last week, second year Foundation Degree Counselling and Psychotherapy students enjoyed a virtual visit from Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Counselling Psychology, Mick Cooper.

Mick’s work, which spans the globe, is a regular point of reference for students in their research module, with students encouraged to follow relevant researchers and authors on social media, to gain broader insight into current research and a deeper understanding of an otherwise theoretical topic.

Hosted virtually, Mick’s visit consisted of a two-way question and answer session, with Mick sharing his knowledge of specific therapies with students and in turn, hearing from students about their own experiences and knowledge.

Providing invaluable insight into the sector, Mick clarified key messages and provided insightful experience on gaining the very best out of your practice; suggesting a host of tips, including clarifying key messages when researching, by ask questions that you don’t already have answers for.  The conversation prompted valuable discussion both during and after the Q and A session and allowed the students to bring their studies to life.

The visit from Mick also provided great opportunities for all of the students to challenge perceptions, illustrating how everyone, even specialists, are always learning and developing their knowledge.

Commenting on the visit, Module Leader, Kerry said:

“Whilst remote learning has presented its challenges and may not have been considered a preference, the visit from Mick Cooper highlights just one of the benefits of this style of teaching. Remote learning afforded the students an opportunity, which otherwise may not have presented due to the time, travel and financial costs of arranging a physical visit, from an industry specialist. Remote learning removed these barriers and provided an invaluable experience for our students, which links directly to their current module and in turn enhances their learning.”

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