Information for School Leavers

The college campus might be closed, but we are committed to working behind the scenes to ensure you are still able to progress. Whether that’s moving from high school to college, or taking on the next level of your current course, or anything in between – we are here to help and answer all of your questions!

This page presents information for all age 14-19 learners, from prospective learners who are yet to have enrolled at the college, to learners who already attend college.

Click HERE to view our May 2020 School Leaver Newsletter

NEW Drop-In Phone Service

From Monday 30th March we will be offering a drop in service where parents, guardians and learners (prospective or current) can call us between 3-5pm with any concerns about college courses, careers or just general questions about college life.

Call between 3 – 5pm on 01772 225774 for friendly and professional advice from our own Careers and Progression team,

NEW Careers Coach Website

Our Careers Coach website is now fully operational for Years 9, 10 and 11 students to access information on Courses, Careers and CV building. To access Career Coach please visit

Preparing for life at Preston’s College

We are working hard with our Curriculum tutors to put things in place for prospective students where they can access work and materials to prepare for College life. These will be uploaded to our College Canvas platform and all students will be emailed with how to access this.



Q. I have applied but haven’t yet been interviewed. What are my next steps?

A. We are working hard on a daily basis to conduct telephone interviews to all Year 11 applicants. Over the next few weeks you will receive a text before your interview informing you of your time slot. If you wish to choose a time slot that suits you call us on 01772 225774 and we can arrange this for you.

Q. I was booked in for an interview in College. Will this still take place?

A. As above we will now conduct all interviews by telephone on the number you have given when applying to Preston’s College.

Q. There was a welcome event scheduled on the 1st and 2nd April. Will this be going ahead?

A. Unfortunately we have had to cancel these evenings. We are working hard with our Curriculum teams to set up Interactive sessions available to year 11s and a link will be sent out to students after Easter.

Q. I’m worried about my grades. Will I have a place on the course I applied for?

A. As a College we will work with you to ensure that you are enrolled to the correct course in September. We are a community College and always put our learners first and will endeavor to get you on the right path for your chosen career.

Q. Is there anything I can do to prepare for life at College?

A. As a College we are always looking at investing in our students futures. We have a fantastic Careers Coach website that allows students to build a CV, search jobs and find out labour market information on specific careers. To access this please visit .We are currently working on a platform where you will be able to access course information and interactive visual materials to prepare you for College life. A link will be sent out to your email soon.

Q. I’ve changed my mind on which course I want to study. What should I do?

A. If you would like to amend your course offer please drop us an email at and we will amend your offer for September.

Q. I’m confused about what course to take. Is there any help for me?

A. We have Level 6 Advice and Guidance trained advisors that can help you with any questions on careers and course advice. Please email them on to book an appointment and discuss your next steps.

Q. What are the next steps I need to take?

A. At your interview you will have received an Interview Offer booklet with relevant information on your next steps and our enrolment process. At this moment in time all enrolment information is correct. In July we will send all applicants an enrolment guide with updated information and dates and times to enroll. Please also see both of these guides for information on transport, bursaries and SEND requirements.



Q. What should I be doing to support my progression?

A. There are a number of activities you can do to support your progression.  Initially you will have been sent or set work by your tutors which will support you in the completion of your current qualifications. Your curriculum staff and student manger will be in contact with you to guide you through the work set for all subjects and it is important that you engage with the work set. Then in support of your choice, our fantastic new Careers Coach website allows you to start focusing on your career and next steps. Within the site you can build a CV which will support you in applying for jobs and work experience. There is also labour market information and detailed course and career information to help and support you. Visit the site:

Q. Who do I contact if I am unsure of my next steps?

A. Along with your student manager there is lots of support and guidance to help you as a student. Our dedicated Careers team can you support you in your next steps by giving Careers advice and one to one appointments can be made available by emailing . They can help with UCAS, personal statement, CV’s and general information about jobs or applying for apprenticeships.

Q. What work will I need to complete for my progression?

A. Firstly you will be required to complete the work set by your curriculum teams. It is important that you engage with your curriculum staff and student manger if you need additional help and guidance. For your progression, you should now have received your progression booklet through the post and to your College email. This has detailed information of your next steps and your progression on to your next level of course. Follow the link within the booklet to submit your application to continue your studies at Preston’s College from September 2020.

Q. Will I automatically progress or is there a process of interviewing?

A. Your Progression Plan that has been sent to you has all the information you require to apply for your next level of course. The deadline for this is the 15th May. Please follow the link to pro portal where you will be able to select your next level of course. After completion of the application, your student manager will contact you to complete a progression review and direct you accordingly, should you need additional support and guidance.

Q. What if I have completed the progression application and changed my mind?

A. Depending on what course you are wanting to change to your first steps would be to contact your student manager who would advise you on the process and can set up a meeting with the curriculum leader of the area you are looking to change to.

Q. Where can I pick up current information re the college?

A. We are working hard to constantly keep you in the loop regarding all the information you need regarding your next steps. Current update will be through your student manager and on the college website. All progression information has been emailed to your college email address and your student managers will be keeping in contact with you over the coming weeks to ensure you have all the resources and support regarding College.

Q. Where can I find out information on bursary?

A. If your household income is below £23,500 per annum you can apply for help towards the cost of attending from the College bursary funds, unless you are on an apprenticeship or HE programme. The application for this year’s bursary is now open. To explore this please visit:  Recent evidence of income will need to be submitted to confirm eligibility.

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