E-SAFE-EDUCATIONIt is important to us as a college that all our learners remain safe and secure at all times, particularly when they are online. Your eSafety induction session will cover:

• an introduction to the College’s Acceptable Use Policy

• an introduction to some of the many issues related to online activity and how to avoid difficult situations

• details of what to do if you encounter cyber‐bullying or any other form of inappropriate activity whilst online

• information about what to do if something goes wrong (i.e. if you lose your password or can’t find that saved assignment!)

• information about the features within the college systems that are there to protect you i.e. the blocking of inappropriate websites

In terms of safeguarding you will be reassured to know that the College has taken a number of additional steps to ensure that all our learners are protected. These include the installation of eSafe software on all learner PC’s. This software monitors internet usage to provide on line protection against stalking, bullying, grooming, extremist behaviour, access to inappropriate websites such as pornography, unethical or illegal activities, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, verbal abuse or any act likely to cause offence. It also provides alerts for any learners who are experiencing situations where they are feeling particularly vulnerable and allows us to provide appropriate support for these individuals. All reports provided by the software are sent confidentially to the college’s designated person for safeguarding, Tina Southworth, and it is her responsibility to instigate any action/support deemed necessary.


Other safety measures that we have in place include:

• fully secured network user accounts, which give learners access to all online facilities, which are personal to you and available instantly at enrolment

• designated staff who are equipped with devices to identify anyone on campus and find out where they are supposed to be (handy if you can’t find your classroom!)

• a highly secure wireless network accessible to learners instantly using their personal user account

• accessibility to ALL online resources securely from home, including a learner’s own saved documents via the Extranet

• classrooms which have state of the art management software to control the use of the computers

• advanced anti-virus software installed on every college computer/laptop for additional protection